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Why Not Choose Real Hair Wigs

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 6:41:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

Renowned for looking incredibly natural, real hair wigs offer the wearer unparalleled comfort and versatility. Real hair wigs are often supplied uncut - which means you can choose how you want your hair styled and coloured.

The hair used in a good real hair wig should be ethically sourced and 100% human hair i.e. not a blend of real hair and synthetic fibre. As you would expect, real hair is at a premium and so the cost of a real hair wig is higher than a fibre wig. However, on the plus side, a real hair wig tends to last longer than a fibre wig - sometimes up to 2 years. If you enjoy styling your hair every day and creating different looks, a real hair wig could suit your needs. (Hair can usually withstand heated appliances for blow-drying, curling or straightening but it is always advisable to check the manufacturers' guidelines.) Given their natural appearance, lasting quality and cost, real hair wigs are very suitable for those with long term hair loss.

A custom-made real hair wig can offer even more versatility as base materials can be created with special features e.g. silicone strips that offer extra security. Custom-made wigs are fitted to your exact measurements. Not only should the wig fit like a glove and replicate your natural, desired style, it can also be life-transforming in terms of a confidence boost.

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