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How often Should I Wash Synthetic Wigs?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 6:36:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

Synthetic hair wigs are made from plastic fibers thus should be taken diligent care of. Synthetic wigs do decrease their quality per wash; therefore always wear them with care to reduce washing. The frequency of washing synthetic wigs depends on following factors. If you want your wigs last longer; then develop following good practices to keep your wigs new for over a year.

How to Prevent Synthetic Wigs Getting Soiled?

Depending on several factors, synthetic wigs need washing per 18-20 wears but this may vary from person to person. Practice hygiene to keep your wigs look new. You may need to wash your synthetic wigs frequently if:

You live in a country with humid climate

You wear several bulky hair styling products such as mousses, sprays and gels

Your scalp is greasy and secretes oil

Your synthetic wig is not breathable

Synthetic wigs alike human hairs catch dirt & debris. The accumulation of dirt, scalp oils & styling products turn your wigs greasy and soiled. If not washed on time; synthetic wigs will go through permanent damage including becoming lack-lustrous & coarse.

It is advised to wear a wig cap underneath your synthetic wig as it does not only help you securing wig at the scalp firmly but also acts as a protective layer against the secretions from your scalp reaching the wig.  Washing synthetic wigs may be totally a personal preference but you definitely can limit the tedious process by wearing them carefully.

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