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Extensions Are Suit For Me

Sunday, July 23, 2017 7:32:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

I wear extensions for a long time. Here I would like to tell some things about extensions and I.


A few years ago I discovered micro loop hair extensions, which attach onto strands of my hair, with a small micro bead that is clamped with pliers. They are so gentle on my hair and don't use any glue or heat processes. They feel so natural, and look great, blending with my natural head hair. I also love how I can add hints of bold color underneath (or wherever I want), and it gently shows through when my hair moves. With some basic care and styling they are also so versatile, so you can have a new look in minutes. I find it easiest to have a salon professional apply my loop micro links, and of course I appreciate their professional cutting, shaping and creative styling.


At the same time I also discovered clip-in hair extensions. They come in different width sections of hair. So you may have between one and four clips, along the length of hair, which are coated in silicone. The silicone protects your hair from the clip and at the same time, secures the clip, so it does not move or fall out. They are double weft (so you have more hair on the clip) giving you the fuller look that you want.


During the experiences with extensions, I find that it comfortable for me to wear micro loop hair extensions and clip in hair extensions.

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