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Benefits of Wearing a Human Hair Wig

Sunday, September 27, 2015 7:15:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

Effective for long term hair loss

Human hair wigs can be a significant investment. A good human hair wig can last from 12 to 24 months if properly maintained (synthetic wigs have a shorter shelf life). This means that human hair wigs are ideally suited to those with long term hair loss or loss that affects the entire scalp i.e. alopecia totalis.


Custom-made for a better fit

Unlike ready-to-wear synthetic wigs, real hair varieties can be custom-made to your exact head size. Creating your human hair wig usually begins with a cast being taken of your scalp and head. Your wig is very safe and secure; you are able to lead an active life without worrying that the product might accidentally dislodge. Again, if you are experiencing long term hair loss, a custom-made real hair wig can genuinely help you lead a normal, happy and full life - free from worry and stress of wig security.


Real remy Human Hair Wigs Kim Zolciak


Realistic Appearance thanks to special features

Obviously a human hair wig is the closest you can get to your natural hair. As you would expect, 100% real hair wigs respond like your own hair - they absorb moisture; colors can be added or removed. In addition to looking very realistic, many custom-made real hair wigs offer features that ready-to-wear synthetic wigs do not offer. In other words, hair looks like it's growing out of a scalp - an incredibly realistic effect.


Styling versatility

Contrary to popular belief, custom-made human hair wigs are not usually supplied in a specially cut style. They are normally supplied 'uncut' and the wearer chooses their desired style which should only be cut by a qualified wig specialist. Because your hair is entirely real, your options for styling are just like your natural hair. However, caution should be taken - hair feels like your own but remember: individual strands cannot be replenished. Therefore, take care when brushing, styling, sunbathing and going out in windy weather! Natural fibers like silk scarves and hoods are best in terms of protecting real hair.


Restore Confidence

It goes without saying that because of their very realistic appearance and extra security, human hair wigs can often be the closest to your natural hair. This can mean that the wig goes undetected which in turns boosts the wearer's confidence and self-esteem. Many people who wear these wigs have never looked back. If you're considering wearing a human hair wig, Wigsway is your best choice!

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